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out if the rain us or more to come. take a little bit more rain -- little bit more rain to come. could overnight hours we be dealing with patchy fog. area of low pressure now with an towards the north and east, clearies are beginning to the south and west of yet for us. look at super doppler radar. head to northwest d.c., chevy chase, and rockwell. showers at this hour. same in stafford. of this moving off to the north and east. the sun will set just around about an hour work 20 ago with temperatures in the '60s. a nice warm up on the way, and weekend forecast coming up the extended outlook. >>> and north carolina man is in after leading local high-speed chase. authorities say the chase started in fairfax county in in prince george's county. police say they were investigating a trespassing when darnell coke fled in a stolen car. police cars were damaged in this case. charged with grand larceny and burglary. is an accused terrorist confessing try to blow up an airliner. he surprised the court room they by pleading guilty on his trial. f he admitted he did try to take plane ontour-bouroi
the names of the two people who died. police tell us albert ballard came here to the village this morning to visit his wife, sandra ballard. she had been recouping year for the past month after a fall at their home. he went into her room and pulled out a gun. he fatally shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. the essential building -- the essential building was swarming with police this morning responding to reports of a double shooting. " they would not let me in the building. they said there is an emergency. >> authorities say a man entered the facility at around 9:30. he signed an as required and went to see his wife. >> a nurse heard shots fired and discovered the husband and wife deceased. this is a terrible tragedy. >> is there anything to indicate that this man was upset? >> no, there was not. >> it is a continuous care community. 30 acres of independent living homes plus a central facility for skilled nursing and rehab facility. >> they are very upset. some of my neighbors are in tears. it is so sad. >> officials say there are no dangers to other residents and this is an
can find him. >> late this afternoon authorities told us that are fairly confident the board remains in the park. they believe that because the search dogs have hit on his ascent. what is tricky about the searches they cannot call up to the boy because the boy would not respond. they are also concerned that they might scare him. all of the searchers are given food to use as a something to lure the boy a if and when they find him. reporting live tonight, suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >> what a tough mission those folks have. robbie woods is nine years old he is 4 foot 6 inches tall. he was wearing a long slifer red shirt, and blue pants and sneakers when he was missing. >>> we are following breaking news right now. two people have been a rested in connection with last week as a deadly shooting on a bus. two man boarded a bus. they believe those passengers shot demetrius thompson in the face and ran away. they were arrested in florida but police have not released the suspect names. police say 31-year-old thomas posed as a law-enforcement officer and attacked two women. the incidents ha
about it. live in washington abc7 news. >>> hillary clinton says the u.s. is preparing new penalties against iran because of the plot. they are thinking mexico for getting rid of the plot that has been under way since spring. more details coming up on abc7 news at 6 and wjla.com. >>> the other big story is a horrible scene outside a target in lanham. another woman walked up and stabbed her. tonight, please are trying to figure out if this was a random attack. pamela brown is live from martin luther king jr. high way. what can you tell us? >> authorities believe this was a random attack, but everything is under investigation. the target opened back up and it is business as usual. earlier today, this was the scene of a gruesome crime. authorities say a female shopper walking out of this target was stabbed in the neck. >> we walked up and we could not go in there. all i saw was a chair with a lot of blood. >> and off duty police officer was immediately alerted. they gave a description of the female attacker which led police to this home depot. when they discovered the suspect in the par
are trying to remain hopeful. >> most of us believe he has a good chance of surviving. we consider this to be rescued- oriented. >> it is difficult. we walked through a swamp this morning. it is not easy, but it needs to be done. >> authorities say 74 missions were run today and the efforts will continue round-the-clock. >> we are operating under the assumption and with the understanding that robert wood jr. is alive and we're seeking to give him the 80 needs and reunite him with his family. >> for the second consecutive day, hundreds of volunteers lined up. many of them searched for the boy yesterday. >> i know how i would feel of someone i loved was missing. i just want to do what i can to help out. >> the call was going out again for citizens searchers to show up tomorrow morning at king's dominion, especially those who have already been trained. the hope is to get those people into the woods as quickly as possible as the hours continue to take down and the weather worsened. >>> let's turn to our weather. the rain came down off and on for most of the day. >> and it
was that they respect the verdict of the jury. susan burke's lawyer went on to tell us that she has no intentions of reapplying for her job as a teacher. we do not know what she will be doing. she is not out of legal trouble yet. there are still child abuse charges stemming from these same incidents. no trial date has been sent in that case. susan burke found not guilty of choking her students. >> we will have more on this breaking story at 5:30. >>> our troops are finally coming home. >> the reason behind the president's decision and what comes next. the president spoke from the white house briefing room just hours ago about the united states mission in iraq. >> at the height of this war there has been as many as 170,000 troops in iraq. right now, there are 39,000. they are all coming home. this is a deadline that had been on the books for quite some time. the president today said it is over. it has been a controversial and costly war, one with a highly uncertain future. >> as promised, the rest of our troops in iraq will come home by the end of the year. after nearly nine years of america's war
many are honoring and remembering him. rebecca cooper joins us with more. >> steve jobs complained to hewlett-packard and haskel about a product he had saved up for. he ended up on the phone with a co-founder and got an internship. he went on to revolutionize how the world uses technology. steve jobs friends says he is the ultimate product of california, the creative son at of a san francisco grad student. he was put up for adoption and later got dropped out of college, worried that it cost too much. he and steve was the at created apple in a garage in 1976. >> people will work on something, sunday morning they will not be able to get their kids away from them. >> forced out at apple, disney made him a billionaire when they bought pixar. he moved back in with apple and created some of the world's most memorable products. battling cancer and a liver transplant into dozen for jobs continue to roll out sleek new designs. >> death is likely the single best invention of life. it clears out the old to make way for the new. >> early on, he said that he hoped that families would want to of
with murder. christopher norwood said to his sister "you will top be very honest with us, it does not look good because you try to cover it all up." he asked "ag -- meaning murray, ever accuse you of shoplifting? she later said, i did not take any thing." she later asked if the whole thing was planned. he emphatically replied know. at one point, the brother said they had two options one claiming that nor would this temporarily insane, but he acknowledged that would not work because she had already talked to too many counselor since the murder, stating that she is not insane. norwood sat in court today still and emotionless, and in the front row was her parents and brothers and sister-in-law. norwood is charged with first- degree murder. her trial is expected to take eight days and is set to begin october 24. reporting live from montgomery county in rockville suzanne kennedy, abc 7 news. >>> we are following developments from southern california where prosecutors announced they will seek the death penalty against the man who walked into his ex-wife's hair salon and opened fire. eight people
not identify the person using the phone, correct? >> correct. >> one of dr. murray's former girlfriend's also took the stand today. >>> some good news on the way in the weather department. >> i cannot deal with it anymore. the good news is wednesday thursday, and even into the weekend -- i will tell you. there was some sunshine this morning that broke out. one of the hd cameras in time lapse at damascus elementary. there you can get a hint of the future in what is coming our way. here is the time lapse to get an idea of how that was moving but then came in the clouds again. we have had enough of that. my goodness. outside right now, the current temperature is a chilly 52 degrees and the high temperature has been a 53. 53, not 58, which is exactly average of this were the end of november, not the beginning of october. look at the temperatures. under that area of clouds a showed you earlier meanwhile look at dallas. 86 degrees. here is the view from space. here is dallas, and you can see downtown. here is the smoke from that terrible chemical fire south of dallas shown from 400 miles into space
will be using these cameras to transmit live up bird's back to the county command center. they could be just hours away from capturing an early arrival of old man winter. they're not expecting snow to accumulate thinking they will stay warm enough, however they will be out to salt as needed and will assess as the storm comes in. kris van cleave, abc7 news. >>> when we are not on, go to wjla.com for updates. >>> latest in the lululemon murder trial. apple employees working next door testified about what they heard the day jayna murray was murdered. greta kreuz live with the latest. >> two store managers recounted that night. they watched surveillance video from the apple store and recounted how they went to the wall and listened in. donna told a spellbound court as she was closing up the busy apple store she managed the night of march 11th the night that right next door lululemon employee jayna murray was brutally murdered allegedly by her co-worker, brittany norwood. just after 10:00, she heard noises from the wall. it sounded like something heavy was being hit or dragged, she said grunting
to get more information from them to shed light on what precipitated all of this. they told us they would not leave the school until they were confident they have cleared the room and it will be thoroughly cleaned before is reopened to students next week. >> thank you. an investigation under way in vienna tonight. a baby became unresponsive while in the care of his baby sitter and died a short time later. this is being called a suspicious death. we have the latest. >> the baby sitter is not here. the house has been condemned by county officials. but she left here on wednesday with the baby. by the time they got to rest and, the baby was not even moving. >> the child arrived at the mother's location. they found the child unresponsive. the call 911. they took the child to rest and hospital center. -- reston hospital center. >> the death is being called suspicious. >> is it incumbent for the police officer to find out why this happened. >> the baby sitter's house is right here on late would drive. there were confiscating items from her home. >> i woke up in the morning. there were still ther
which entrance to use. she said she will return tomorrow. yesterday a judge revoked her probation. she posted bail at a for next court appearance in november, where she finds out if she will face another stand behind bars. >>> the prosecution case against michael jackson's personal doctor is winding down. we have the latest from los angeles. >> the final witness for the prosecution could be the most damaging to dr. conrad marie. the anesthesiologist explain to the court there was no possible way that michael jackson received just two doses of the medicine in the hours before he died as murray told the police. schieffer calculated that jackson in fact had to have received 10 doses. >> there is no medical record. all i have is the concentration. that almost as soon as he took the stand schaefer ripped into his colleagues actions including his regular use of a medicine to put him to sleep. >> we are in pharmacological never never land. it is a potentially dangerous dosage. >> he showed the court a video that demonstrated the proper use of the madison. in a surgical setting and the patient
around us. it is nice to reaffirm that. go to annapolis. way the day began. beautiful sunrise. 100 percent signed sunshine. with the dry air we have around not a cloud in the sky. was a cool, crisp autumnal morning. temperature started out of 43 have risen 30 degrees. 73. still a 74 degrees. 100 percent signed sunshine. you how we look from space tomorrow. think we will do it all over again. there is one-. not want to tell you about it yet. join you in a few minutes. purse-snatching suspect she bargained for. a woman that she thought was to flee the crime beeen -- seem turned out to hero in disguise. >> took place in this little alley downtown. a good samaritan heard all of aroundus and drove th the block and caught her with childr safety locks. i could not get over it. to have the presence of mind to like that. >> ashley saunders cannot what she did either. it was instinct. of the womenives friday ined last downtown hagerstown. the lives of the women could friday in downtown hagerstown. she told me she had a back in one of my purse. i tried screaming. >> saunders, who happen to be
people will watching. >> i think there are enough of us on the street that we can see what is going on. >> that's the bottom line. police hope folks will look at the composite and if someone can identify the man, please give police a call. >> the trial for the grandmother accused of throwing her granddaughter to her death. the key expert testified today. let's go live now for more on what happened there. >> a clinical psychologist testified today that carmela dollar rose of suffered and you could even be psychotic. between the episodes, you may appear to be normal. that is critical in this defense of temporary insanity. he testified that carmela de la rosa was having a severe episode when she tossed her granddaughter off an elevated walkway last november 29th. he said she had illusions and paranoia. when the family was eating dinner she was looking more and more like james and she saw hurting her as a mean of hurting and james. her daughter had gotten present -- and got pregnant out of wedlock, a source of shame. she said there were increasing suspicions her family was tal
them. >> he has chosen not to speak to us. at all. >> the searches will continue. >> copley, they will be able to find a kid. >> -- hopefully, they will be able to find the kid. >> in the meantime, in north carolina during the court appearance lopez waived his right to fight his extradition on. he could be back here and montgomery county very soon. police say they are not giving up hope that william could be found alive. >> breaking news from silver spring where a four-year-old child has fallen out of a window. we are live with the breaking details. >> sometime before 3:30, a five- year-old boy felt out of that third story window. we do not know exactly when it happened or how long he was on the ground. it was not until a woman on the second floor kurds his cries and called 911. paramedics -- second floor curt his cries and called 911. doctors are trying to determine the extent of this injuries. at no point did he get off the ground. he was conscious and screaming. we do have police still on the scene trying to determine exactly how this little boy felt out of that window. h
. -- bangled tigers. police said they had to use extreme measures, and tranquilizers did not work on a more aggressive animals. >>> six animals were saved and transported to the columbus zoo including a grizzly bear, and to monkeys. police say the owner had numerous run ins with the law and neighbors. only two weeks ago he was released from federal prison. >>> today police made a fourth arrest in connection to the fraud scheme allegedly run out of the philadelphia basement. gene mackintosh is the daughter of window weston. investigators found four mentally-handicapped adults walk in the boiler room. she gained the trust of her victims and then stole their disability checks. the fbi says this case stretches from pennsylvania to texas and to florida. >>> intelligence officials are looking into a brick and at a texas court house. five of foreign nationals carried gavels and sombreros when they allegedly broke into an old courthouse in san antonio. police caught the suspect a short time later. all of the men are in their 20s and just arrived in america last month. the fbi said the
timing the wise. >> you don't want a coat over your costume. >> my mom used to make me. >> temperatures in the '50s, mostly. let's get busy. we have a brand new high- definition whether camera to show you. this is from the river bend country club. a parade of high sand clouds. temperatures averaging about 10 degrees below normal for the last day of october. a fair amount of rain, almost 1.7 inches in annapolis. 1.6 inches in spotsylvania. temperatures are cool for this time of year. 50 degrees in hagerstown. mid '50s through the district. skies will be cloudy, especially south and east of the immediate metro area. chilly weather across new england holding in the 40's. all those areas getting snow over the weekend, that is starting to melt and a lot of it will be gone over the next several days as temperatures warm up again. 48 degrees in raleigh-durham. temperatures across the great lakes in the '40's and 50's. a nice warmup in the plains. a trough of low pressure to the west and low pressure to the south. this might just clip southern maryland and a
researchers wanted. >> all of us were hoping we had that little strut of hope that we would find wm. >> -- william. they brought a few items they thought he would have liked. >> he was a free spirit. he was just happy. >> police will not say how they knew to search this quiet stretch of road. they had been back tracking the movement of william's stepfather, curtis lopez. lopez is charged with the murder of william mcquain's mother and is believed responsible for the murder of the boy. they were caught on tape the morning of october 1. william appeared happy. police say his body was found dressed and the same clothing. they think he was brought here that today. >> i do not know who could do this to some kids. who could do this to somebody? >> you can see that this memorial is growing. in the background, you can see a gas station. detective spent a good deal of time going over the security cameras, trying to see if mr. lopez was caught on tape coming here. police are telling us their focus is on building a case for two counts of murder. >> william mcquain touched many lives, from his
service and europe, the middle east, and parts of south america, and spread to u.s. and canada yesterday. >>> it is very busy in the weather center, a tornado warnings for a lot of virginia. >> steve rudin, what is the latest? >> tornado warning until 5:30, prince william county with the heaviest of the activity, especially around manassas. the storms moving to the north at about 30, 35 m.p.h. clearly defined on abc 7 super doppler radar eventually impact in fairfax county into loudoun county, but the warning until 5:30 and the rest of the area under a tornado watch until 11:00 tonight. the track of the storms, as they moved off towards the north, we will put this in motion. about 5:20, york shire area, heading toward centreville at 5:27 and towards chantilly at 5:35. these are the areas in the direct impact for the potential -- need to stress potential tornado. we have no reports of anything on the ground at this time. eventually moving towards ruston and ashburn. the tornado warning in prince william county until 5:30. more than likely the storms will extend through the early evening.
by 5%. the extra revenue be used for projects including a movie theater east of the river. the city would try to lure more film makers to the district. >>> dinner at a restaurant turned into a sweet reunion and surprise one army wife will never forget. the 24-year-old member husband was coming home from afghanistan soon the did not know when. her father hatched a plan to make it happen at the family night out eating. her husband walked up with the trade. and a whole restaurant stopped to celebrate with them. >> i honestly could not believe it. figured if i screamed, i would wake up. >> it started off with her just screaming and then just shedding tears. then everybody started shedding tears. there was not a dry eye in the place. >> the staff sgt is reporting to new york and the family will move together to missouri in may. >> congratulations. >>> happy news in the weather department? >> i guess it depends on your point of view. i will talk about the possibilities in a moment, but let's look at what is happening around the area. a lot of showers moving through that met
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